Set The Wedding With Proper Planning And Arrangements

The wedding is a ceremony where two individuals are united by the bond of marriage. The bride and the groom are united, following various traditions with family and friends.

The wedding and the ceremonies which are done before the main wedding day varies according to the religious communities, countries, and areas. Starting from the engagement ceremony, haldi, sangeet, mehendi, wedding and then the wedding reception are few of these ceremonies, each having special importance? This bonding is done with all the near and dear ones with the exchange of gifts and jewelry and music, dance and reciting of religious chants.

Finding the right partner

The wedding is not only a ceremony but an auspicious and emotional thing. Parents start collecting money for the wedding of their children right from their birth to make this day as special as possible for their son or daughter.

Especially when it comes to marrying a daughter it is a highly emotional phase for the family and the bride as she has to leave her house and her family and adapt to a new way of life with new people around.

So, with such high importance of marriage, it is a very time-consuming task to set the wedding, starting with finding the right partner. There are many things which need to be kept in mind while choosing a right partner for your son or daughter like:

  • Age and other details about the boy/girl
  • Family and the family background
  • Understanding and liking of the boy and girl
  • Matching the mentality of both the families
  • Matching the stars if you believe in it


Requirements to set the wedding


There can be other details as well that you would like to check about the boy or the girl to find the perfect partner. Once you find a good partner for your child, the wedding is confirmed by an exchange of some gifts which is known as Roka and by other names in different communities. This is followed by engagement or ring ceremony and then other ceremonies and you need thousands of preparations to set the wedding and each of these ceremonies.

From buying clothes for the bride or the groom to buying things for both the families, from buying jewellery, engagement ring to finalising the venue for each and every ceremony, from distributing the invitation cards to arranging for catering facilities, staying of guests and there are various other things that need to take care of when there is a wedding happening in your house.

These days people who have enough money like to appoint a wedding planner to set the wedding and other ceremonies, taking care of all their requirements and also relieving them of the stress of planning and arrangements.


The wedding is a very big and auspicious day for the bride and the groom and both the families and so a lot of time, money and energy is required to set the wedding for making it the best and the most memorable day for everyone.

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