The Big And Auspicious Day Of Wedding

The wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in a bond of marriage following various traditions and customs. These customs and traditions vary according to the religion, area, social class, country etc. But the main objective of the wedding is forming a relationship of life with a partner.

The wedding is a big day with all the near dear ones of both the families attending it with the exchange of gifts, flowers, jewelry and other items between the families of the bride and the groom and ones who are attending it.

The bride and the groom wear traditional attire like a long white gown in Christians, a lehenga or sari in Hindus, A sharara in Muslims or salwar suit in Sikhs and the groom wearing a sherwani, dhoti kurta, kurta pajama accordingly. It is obviously a big day for both the families as well and that can be seen in the way they are dressed.

Ceremonies before the wedding

Before the main wedding day, lots of other ceremonies take place in most all the religious communities. The common ceremony in mostly all religions and social communities is the engagement or the ring ceremony, where the bride and the groom exchange a ring.

This ring is worn by both the bride and the groom on the fourth finger of the left hand as it is believed that a blood vessel from this finger runs directly to the heart. Wedding reception after the wedding is also a common practice by mostly all communities and has become more popular nowadays.

Other ceremonies include the haldi ceremony where a turmeric paste is applied to both the bride and the groom as it helps in skin glow and brings positive vibes in the house. Same is the case with a Mehendi ceremony also believed to be one of the 7 shingars of the bride. Sagan, Roka, and few others ceremonies take place in some of the communities like Hindus and Sikhs.

Wedding- Not only a ceremony

In India, wedding is supposed to be a very big and auspicious day for the bride and the groom and their whole family and so they spend their life savings in making it as beautiful as possible, fulfilling each and every wish of their son or daughter.

It not just a ceremony but an emotional day for the parents especially for the bride’s parents as she has to leave them and her house behind and take up a new way of life with all new people. Parents want to make it a big day for their child and bless them with love as they had always dreamt of seeing their children uniting in the bond of love with a good partner.

These days people have started calling professional wedding planners to relieve themselves from the burden of all the planning and arrangement for a perfect wedding day and other ceremonies as well.

With this, a lot of changes are constantly going on to fit these ceremonies in the busy lives of people along with making it a memorable for everyone.

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